Bhoomi is a musical movement featuring some of India’s finest artists across genres, that reflects upon the tradition and culture of India through its history and diversity. Bhoomi was conceived in the year 1999. It represents some of India’s iconic artists, bringing the colors of various parts of India, from Assam to Rajasthan to Tamil Nadu.

The music captures India‚Äôs traditional folk, classical raagas & instruments in a way that’s never heard before, through a compilation of ten songs.

Bhoomi 2022 is a continuation of the 23-year old Bhoomi movement and brings out an encompassing musical representation of India. Bhoomi 2022 is presented by GoDaddy India, powered by Moha and Adda52.

Salaam featuring Ayisha Abdul Basith, Salim Merchant
Lyrics: Kamal Haji
Music Composer(s): Salim - Sulaiman

Salaam is a devotional song in praise of the Prophet Mohammad and his greatness, on the set of his birth anniversary - Eid E Milad. A collaboration between Ayisha Abdul Basith and Salim - Sulaiman, Merchant Records has decided to release this track as a curtain raiser for Bhoomi 2022. Ayisha Abdul Basith is an Indian singer, musician and social media star who performs Islamic and devotional songs that have gone viral. Currently 17 years old, she lives in Dubai.

Doob Ja featuring Sunidhi Chauhan, King
Lyrics: Shradha Pandit, King
Music Composer(s): Salim - Sulaiman

Listen to the Queen of Bollywood music, #SunidhiChauhan along with #King and #SalimSulaiman perform #DoobJa from GoDaddy presents #Bhoomi2022, powered by Moha and Adda52! The girl chases her love in this unusual role reversal with a futuristic soundscape.

Laut Aa Mere Des featuring Shreya Ghoshal, Sattar Khan Langa
Lyrics: Shradha Pandit
Music Composer(s): Salim - Sulaiman

The nightingale of India, Shreya Ghoshal is back to Bhoomi with a beautiful song #LautAaMereDes talking about a lover asking her beloved to come back home, for she has been waiting in anticipation for a long time. The song also features Sattar Khan Langa straight from Rangeelo Rajasthan! This track is a collaboration between #ShreyaGhoshal, Sattar Khan and #SalimSulaiman in GoDaddy presents Bhoomi 2022, powered by Moha and Adda52.

Koi Bole Ram featuring Harshdeep Kaur, Vipul Mehta, Salim Merchant
Lyrics: Traditional
Music Composer(s): Salim - Sulaiman

Koi Bole Ram is a reinterpretation of a traditional shabad from the Guru Grant Sahib in the voices of Salim Merchant, Harshdeep Kaur and Vipul Mehta. The song spreads a unique message of pluralism and interfaith harmony, ultimately promoting peace, love and tolerance among humanity under the grace of God, irrespective of religion.

Ruk Ja featuring Sonu Nigam
Lyrics: Shradha Pandit
Music Composer(s): Salim - Sulaiman

Watch the legendary #SonuNigam and #SalimSulaiman perform #RukJa from GoDaddy presents #Bhoomi 2022, powered by Moha and Adda52!

Naazneen featuring Noor Mohammad, Raj Pandit
Lyrics: Lalleshwari, Ghulam Nabi Doolwal, Aditya Kalway
Music Composer(s): Salim - Sulaiman

Nazneen, by Raj Pandit and Noor Mohammad, is a song talking about how everything in life is here on earth - from someone's wedding to someone else's cremation.

Janoki featuring Vivek Hariharan
Lyrics: Rahul Gautam Sharma
Music Composer(s): Anurag Saikia

#Janoki brings forth the sounds of Assam infused with modern rock instrumentals and the powerful voice of #VivekHariharan, with music and composition by #AnuragSaikia. Penned by Rahul Gautam Sharma, Janoki traces the journey of the goddess Sita and her trials as she went through her Agni Pariksha.

Bedu Pako featuring Pawandeep Rajan, Bianca Gomes, Clinton Cerejo
Lyrics: Brijendra Lal Shah, IP Singh, Shor Police
Music Composer(s): (Original Folk) Mohan Upreti, B. M. Shah (Additional) Clinton Cerejo, Bianca Gomes (Shor Police)

Listen to #BeduPako from #Bhoomi2022 by Shor Police (Clinton Cerejo, Bianca Gomes) featuring the amazing Pawandeep Rajan! Bedu Pako is originally a Kumaoni folk song, first made popular in the early 1950s - though the melody has been sung as a traditional folk song among the villagers in Kumaon for decades. Clinton Cerejo and Bianca Gomes bring to you an eclectic reinvention of the traditional folk song in the signature style of their duo, Shor Police, featuring the stunning voice of Pawandeep Rajan. This is GoDaddy India presents Bhoomi 2022, powered by Moha and Adda52.

Ab Mori Chhaad De featuring Pratibha Singh Baghel, Muheet Bharti
Lyrics: Traditional, Muheet Bharti
Music Composer(s): Traditional

Ab Mori Chhaad De is originally a traditional bandish in Raag Bhairavi, composed and written by Sanad Piya. The lyrics tell the story of Lord Krishna and his mischievous nature, especially the tricks he played on his love, Radha. On Bhoomi 2022, this classic bandish has been reshaped and reimagined with composition by Muheet Bharti and Salim Sulaiman along with stunning and nuanced vocals by Pratibha Singh Baghel. This is GoDaddy India presents Bhoomi 2022, powered by Moha and Adda52.

Duniya featuring Vijay Prakash, Salim Merchant
Lyrics: Dr. V. Nagendra Prasad
Music Composer(s): Salim - Sulaiman

Duniya is a song in Hindi and Kannada which talks about the earth. Featuring the amazing voices of Salim Merchant and Vijay Prakash, along with complex percussion by the incredible Taufiq Qureshi, with timeless and infectious composition by Salim - Sulaiman and Raj Pandit.