About Merchant Records


We, Salim and Sulaiman Merchant, have introduced a unique initiative that intends to revolutionise music in India. Our new record label – Merchant Records – aims to produce and release a diverse repertoire of music in collaboration with some of the finest artists and also give young musicians, talented composers, and upcoming artists a platform to showcase their talent.

Through the label, we want to help musicians be fearless and have the freedom to create timeless music. We believe that art has to always be for art’s sake first, and the rest follows. Through this philosophy we expect to bring artists of every generation to the forefront, regardless of genre. That’s the idea behind Merchant Records.

As an active part of the Indian Music Industry for more than 25 years, Merchant Records is our way of giving back to the artist community and our fans. It is our humble attempt of building an open community that flourishes on the aspirations of new musical talent in the country.