Bhoomi is a musical movement featuring some of India’s finest artists across genres, that reflects upon the tradition and culture of India through its history and diversity. Bhoomi was conceived in the year 1999. It represents some of India’s iconic artists, bringing the colors of various parts of India, from Assam to Rajasthan to Tamil Nadu.

The music captures India’s traditional folk, classical raagas & instruments in a way that’s never heard before, through a compilation of ten songs.

Bhoomi 2021 is a continuation of the 20 year old Bhoomi movement and brings out an encompassing musical representation of India.

Ja Ja Re featuring Salim Sulaiman, Vishal Dadlani, Sattar Khan & The Manganiyaars
Lyrics: IP Singh
Music Composer(s): Naimat Khan “Sadarang” (Original)

Ja Ja Re is a modern interpretation of a traditional classical bandish by "Sadarang". Sadarang was the pen name of the Hindustani musical composer and artist Naimat Khan. The song conveys the emotions of a newly married couple.

Ghar aao na featuring Salim Sulaiman, Sunidhi Chauhan
Lyrics: Shraddha Pandit
Music Composer(s): Salim - Sulaiman

Ghar Aao Na is a longing love song, a call of a lover, waiting for her beloved to return home, set in the monsoon season. A fusion of a classical Bandish in a pop rock style sung by the incredible Sunidhi Chauhan, Ghar Aao Na resonates a jugalbandi of tabla and sitar in conversation with the vocals, and is a one-way conversation talking about how love makes it so difficult for one to live without their partner.

Chidiya Da Chamba featuring Sukhwinder Singh
Lyrics: Iqbal Haidri
Music Composer(s): Tufail Niazi

Chidiya Da Chamba is a traditional composition by Mohd. Tufail Niazi, revolving around the Indian tradition of Vidaayi (farewell of the bride) in an Indian wedding. The song is layered with orchestral arrangement with powerful vocals of Sukhwinder Singh.

Kasiyoli featuring Vivek Hariharan, Jutimala Buragohain
Lyrics: Rahul Gautam Sharma
Music Composer(s): Anurag Saikia

Kasiyoli means 'ray of light' in the Assamese language. A magical composition by Anurag Saikia with the beautiful blend of Vivek Hariharan's powerful vocals and honey-like sound of Jutimala Buragohain, Kasiyoli is a fusion of progressive rock with Assamese folk.

Barbaad featuring Afsana Khan, Raftaar
Lyrics: Raftaar
Music Composer(s): Salim - Sulaiman

Barbaad features the epic line up of Salim Sulaiman, Raftaar and Afsana Khan. The song talks about a toxic relationship between two estranged lovers and cheating between partners, set in a very dark drill hip-hop beat with dramatic orchestral moments.

Sai Narayana featuring Raj Pandit
Lyrics: Sri Sathya Sai Students
Music Composer(s): Sri Sathya Sai Students

Sai Narayana is a devotional Sai bhajan in the soothing voice of Raj Pandit and features a choir group as well as a strings section. The bhajan talks about oneness of God.

Kaadu featuring Ricky Kej, Arivu & Charan ft. Rasika Shekhar
Lyrics: Arivu
Music Composer(s): Ricky Kej

Kaadu is a song about the environment, composed by the Grammy Award winner, Ricky Kej. It features big drums and percussions of India with a Tamil rap by Arivu. Kaadu talks about preservations of trees and their importance to the environment, features Rasika Shekhar on the flutes and Charan on vocals.

Naad E Ali featuring Raj Pandit, Salman Ali, Vipul Mehta, Salim Merchant
Lyrics: Noor Vasaya, Salim Merchant
Music Composer(s): Salim - Sulaiman

Naad E Ali is a powerful prayer, calling Hazrat Ali and resonates the event of Gadeer E Khumm, in a traditional Qawwali form.Naad E Ali features the iconic line up from Bhoomi 2020 - the powerful high pitched vocals of Salman and Vipul, with the softness of Salim's and Raj's voice.

Jallianwala featuring Shor Police (Clinton, Bianca) & Harshdeep Kaur
Lyrics: IP Singh, Clinton Cerejo, Bianca Gomes
Music Composer(s): Shor Police (Clinton Cerejo & Bianca Gomes)

Jallianwala is an intense song talks about the historic event of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar, Punjab. It is composed by Shor Police comprising of Clinton Cerejo and Bianca featuring Harshdeep Kaur. The song has deep emotions about the impact of the massacre to the affected families.

Need To Know Now featuring Shashwat Singh, Nikhita Gandhi
Lyrics: Salim Merchant, Dhiren Garg
Music Composer(s): Salim - Sulaiman

Need to Know Now is a breakup song featuring a real life couple, Nikhita Gandhi and Shashwat Singh. The song is conceived as a conversation between the couple with an R&B electronic color.