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Samarpan featuring Partha Roy, Sumedha Karmahe and Bhavya Pandit

Lyrics: Shobana Thakur
Music Composer(s): Partha Roy

'Samarpan' is a patriotic song based on Raag Desh. It is a presentation of the heritages of our country, like the Indian literature, music, instruments and dance forms. We cherish to live our life with these beautiful and creative aspects of our culture. Many of our martyrs sacrifice their life to save us and our country so that we can rise as a nation with these heritages of our country. This song is dedicated to all Martyrs of our country! Bringing to you so many colors of India, Samarpan is a Republic Day tribute by Partha Roy, Sumedha Karmahe and Bhavya Pandit; written by Shobhana Thakur, music by Amritanshu Datta and performed by so many beautiful artists.